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Web Design Services
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Web Design

Link Up offers quality but affordable web design to augment our hosting services. We would be happy to discuss your web design needs so that we can help you create a web site that is both attractive as well as functional. Web sites needs to be designed with search engine optimization in mind as there are techniques used to help make the sites robot compatible to be properly ranked.

Search Engine Optimization and Site Promotion

The most beautiful site without traffic will do less business than an unattractive site with a lot of traffic. Web sites are dependent on the search engines to bring them the highest quality of traffic, visitors that looked for you and found the goods or services you offer. I tell my clients that a web site is not the "Field of Dreams". Simply building it will not cause people to come. You can do web site promotion within your current client base, but they already know about you. You need to attract people searching for what you can offer but don't know about you. We aren't going to make wild claims about insuring you a top ten ranking on Google or some other search engine. We will use the latest techniques to help your ranking without taking risks that could cause your site to be banned.

Search Engine Submissions

We have a variety of techniques for your site to be found and indexed by the search engines. We know where and how to submit your site for the desired effect. There are services that say they will submit your site to thousands of search engines. Five search engines provide over 90% of all searches performed. Google and Yahoo account for most of the 90%. A site that isn't optimized for Google will lost a lot of potential traffic.

Alternative Marketing Techniques

In addition to search engine traffic a lot of traffic comes through links, Yahoo groups, webring and other methods. Which method is best for you depends on the type of site you have and the audience you are seeking. The key to marketing a site is being aware of all the different methods available and picking the right assortment for your needs.

Free Website Templates

Some people don't want to pay for web design and have some HTML skills and feel a free template can help them get going. As a service to our customers we are providing the following links to sites offering free templates, tutorials, generators and other webmaster tools to help you get started:

Free Layouts - Free templates, tutorials, generators, and tools

Open Source Web Design - Over 2000 free designs available and a blog

Open Web Design - Over 2000 free designs available

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google page ranking help
link directory help to gain peer to peer relevancy
web ring and alternative marketing techniques